Exporting data

Scratchpads support multiple ways of exporting your data. You can export data in specific content types as an .xls file or generate a standard compliant Darwin Core Archive file that includes all of your Scratchpads data.

Exporting as .xls

  1. From the Admin menu go to Import
  2. From the Select Import drop-down menu select accordingly
    • Select Excel file Import under Files to export metadata of uploaded media files
    • Select Excel file Import under Nodes to export data present of a specific content type
    • Select Excel file Import under Taxonomy to export one of the existing classifications in your Scratchpad
  3. From the second drop-down menu select the media type or content type you wish to export as .xls file
  4. Click on Excel template file to populate and download the file

The .xls file will include all your data in rows under columns that represent the fields in the corresponding media type, content type or taxonomy

Exporting as DwC-A

Darwin Core archive files can be used to automatically feed your data to other web-services (e.g. EOL, GBIF).

Enabling the DwC-A module

  1. From the Admin menu got to Structure > Tools
  2. Browse through the page and locate Export
  3. For both DarwinCore Archive (DwC-A) export and DarwinCore Archive (DwC-A) click the switch to the On position
  4. Click Save.

Configuring & building DwC-A

From the Admin menu select Configuration > DwC-Archiver

Here you can Rebuild and Download the DwC-A.

Two default DwC Archive files are provided by Scratchpads, with content formatted for EOL and GBIF.

You can Override these implementations to create a custom archive, or Add DwCArchive to define your own.

Downloading the file

Note: before downloading the file, you must first go to :term:`Admin menu` > Configuration > DwC-Archiver and select Rebuild to crate the archive file.

  1. Open a new browser tab and enter the address of your scratchpad site adding gbif-dwca.zip

    For example, phthiraptera.myspecies.info/gbif-dwca.zip

  2. You will be prompted to download a .zip file. Accept and save to your computer.

Please note that DwC-A files are not human readable, they are built to allow the sharing and re-use of biodiversity related information between machines over the web. You can use this archive file to contribute your scratchpad data to other Biodiversity information services like EOL or GBIF.

Exporting references

Scratchpads can export references in several formats (incl. BibTex RTF XML RIS)

  1. From the Main menu, go to the literature page of your Scratchpad

  2. Select the references you want to export through the available facets. If no filtering is used all references will be exported

  3. Click on the export format file you want to populate and download next to Export selection as

  4. You will be prompted to download a file, save the file in your local or network disk