Admin menu

The administration pages are accessed via the Admin menu at the top of the Scratchpad.

The Admin menu will be present once you have logged in to a site. The menu items you see will depend on your access permissions.

  1. The first of the admin links is the Home icon that will always bring you back to the front page of the site
  2. The Dashboard gives administrators a customizable overview of important site information. You can add and remove items from the dashboard (see Customise dashboard), or you can disable the dashboard completely
  3. Under Content you can create and view the content on your site
  4. Structure has links to administer site taxonomies, content types, tools and the various site layout options like blocks
  5. Appearance is where you can edit the theme of your site
  6. Under People you can administer the site’s users, including adding or removing administration privileges
  7. Configuration gives access to various advanced administration pages that you will need only rarely or not at all
  8. The Import page is the place to go when you want to import any kind of data into your Scratchpad