Taxon descriptions

The Taxon description content type is based on TDWG’s SPM (Species Profile Model) standard.

Adding a taxon description with distribution map

  1. Click Content in the Admin menu
  2. Click Add next to Taxon description
  1. Add the taxon name into the Taxonomic Name field (this will autocomplete once you start typing)

  2. Fill the fields as needed. Use the Morphology field for the actual morphological description of the taxon and Diagnostic Description for the diagnosis

  3. To add a distribution map click on the Ecology and Distribution tab

  4. Click on the + Polygon tab to enter a custom shaped distribution. You can move the map by dragging and dropping. Click the map to add polygon points. Right click to stop adding points. To edit an existing point click on it and drag it to a new position or right click to delete.

  5. Click on the + Region tab to select TDWG regions. Select the level of the region either by zooming in or out of the map or by clicking on the Selecting by … (Level …) field. Then click on the map to select the respective region of this level.

  6. Click Save