Customise front page

Click on the Home icon to go to the front page.

Welcome title & message

As part of the set-up workflow you will already have produced a welcome message for your front page.

  1. To change this, click Edit.
  2. In Welcome message enter the text you want to display
  3. By default, the title will be Welcome to Scratchpad training site. You can change this by selecting Override welcome title and entering your new title.


To the right of the welcome message is an image block. If you haven’t added any images, yet, this space will be empty. (See Images & media). The image block consists of four thumbnails and one larger image. The larger image changes to the image the mouse hovers over.

You can select which images to display on the home page by:

  1. Under Admin menu go to Content > Image
  2. Locate the image you wish to use, and click Edit
  3. Select the option Promote to home page

If you would prefer to display a list of content rather than images:

  1. On the home page select Edit.
  2. In the Main block section, select Content
  3. Select the content type to display
  4. Select Save configuration

Content blocks

The home page also display three blocks of recent content - by default these blocks will show Page, Biblio, and Taxon description.

You can choose different content to display in these blocks.

  1. On the home page select Edit.
  2. In the Small blocks section, select which content type to show in each of the three blocks.